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Only make a backup of a legally owned game . You must have an original game for every ISO / Backup that you have and you must destroy the ISO / Backup when you no longer own the original

Q: How can i play my Xbox games from a Harddrive

A:  Jtag / Rgh Hack

 This enables you to play your backed up games from any external USB harddrive and allows you to load custom dashboards and homebrew applications and emulators . This is not Live friendly ( you cannot go online and play ) . You can also backup a game quickly and easily via the custom dashboard

Apart from retrieving your CD rom key from your motherboard when your DVD rom fails , Jtag/RGH  allows you to have custom NAND image (most popular is FreeBoot) and run unsigned code on your XBOX360. This means you can create applications and programs yourself and use it on your XBOX360. Also, there are tons of homebrew applications available online that you can use and test.

There are many features to name a few:-
- Run Unsigned Code and develop homebrew applications
- No limitations on Hard-drive size. You can connect any hard-drive size (External USB Hard-Drive or Internal MS Hard Drive).
- Load applications, programs, games, movies, music from Internal MS hard drive or external USB Hard drive.
- You can pack up your old systems Nintendo64, Sega Mega drive and use emulators of those systems on your XBOX360 This is one of the coolest features you can have on Reset Glitch Hacked Console. - Relive and enjoy the precious memories from our old school titles (Atari, NES, SNES, Sega, Nintendo64, NeoGeo, MAME and Many More). Seriously now you can enjoy Sonic 3, Streets of Rage, Super Mario64 etc on your Full HD TV. - Region Free Console i.e Play applications, programs and games from all the regions of the world . You can also save using your DVD rom which will keep the heat in your console down , and will save your dvd rom from use and wear and tear  - imagine no more lens replacements ever again . AND also no hunting down game disks - they are locked away securely and you play games from an USB harddrive


Flashing OR JTAG - Which is best


There are various ways to play backups of your legally owned games and each has advantages and disadvantages. Each has a level of technical know how and i hope the descriptions below will help you make a choice in which system to use


Flashing is the most common and allows you to pop a Disk backup of a legally owned game into your console and play . The process involves opening up your console and flashing firmware to your optical drive .


Jtag / RGH

This is the most technical and complicated , but if your console is compatible , and once it has been setup , this method is easy to use once you are shown how .

After you have modded your console , you place a modified ISO ( obtained legally and only if you own an original of the game ) on any harddrive and play directly from the harddrive . Games are selected via a custom dashboard . You are not able to go on Live .




 Xbox Model Guide



Winchester identification :

(1) The CGPU is without IHS, and the type is: 4672991 D-A3;X888841-001

(2) SKhynix or ST NAND Samsung K4J10324KG-HC14 NAND flash

(3) The MFR DATE is arround 2014.08.14 + LOT NO./DATE: 1436X

winchester motherboard

Phat DVD Rom Identification

Xbox 360 phat dvd rom identification


Slim DVD Rom Identification and key extraction 

If you have a Hitachi , RGH is the only method of key extraction  .

If you have identified your drive as a Liteon , then you need to check the manufacture date on the back of the console. If the console was made before Sept 2011 then you will have a Lite-On DG-16D4S, if the console was made in or after Sept 2011 you will have a Lite-On DG-16D5S

The DG-16D4S can have its key extracted via conventional Flashing tools . If your console has a DG-16D5S drive , you will have to RGH to get your keys

slim dvd rom identification




Visually compare the laser model number on the laser deck as they are not interchangeable .

Various models have crossover lasers . This chart is given as a guide and is not to replace visual verification .

Lenses are non-returnable so make 100% sure by visually comparing the lense model before purchasing



Links and Guides


Team Xecuter Forums , Guides and tutorials   ( look at the coolrunner installation section for installation guides as the coolrunner forms the basics for a RGH )

RGH Roadmap

Corona Identification and Solutions

RGH Suggested Hardware

Team Xecuter Downloads

RGH Complete Tutorial

RGH Phat Tutorial


XK3Y / 3K3Y Downloads


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