Quality RGH / JTAG Installations

Quality RGH / JTAG Installations

Quality RGH / JTAG Installations

Quality RGH / JTAG Installations

 - Unlock your consoles true potential with a RGH / Jtag Mod

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Quality RGH / JTAG Installations

A RGH console gives you many advantages over a regular console . You will still be able to play your original games from CD , but you can also store your game ISO's on an external usb harddrive and run them from there ( ie Your console will behave as a USB Loader )

IMPORTANT NOTICE - We are able to mod all Xbox 360's EXCEPT the 500GB SlimE / Winchester Mainboard - See the identification chart below 

Also note that an RGH console will need to be updated about twice a year when MS does a major update * Note that the updates have stopped of late , due to the lack of new releases , and it should stop altogether soon , but that is up to MS

Here are the many benefits of a RGH console :

  • Prolong the life of your console : As you are playing your games off a external harddrive , you will not be using your DVD rom , your console will run cooler , and you will not have to replace your disc lens - So no more stuttering games , disk errors or freezing
  • No more hunting for game disks- All your games are stored in a single location . You just select and change games without ever leaving your couch
  • Convenience : No more searching for game disks . Just select the game from a menu and press play - You need never get up from the couch again
  • Save your disks : As an Xbox owner , you must have had the " cant read disk " error . No more - your disks are kept safe and in a pristine condition and retain their value
  • Play HomeBrew Games and Run HomeBrew software : Custom Dashboards , Emulators , Region free games , linux applications ...
  • Repair Procedure : If you were unlucky and your DVD rom has failed ( PCB level ) , previously your xbox was an expensive paperweight . With the RGH procedure  , we are now able to retrieve your DVD key and flash it to a new dvd rom drive , restoring your console to a working unit and saving you a pile of cash
  • Backup your games  : Easily backup your games to the harddrive - Disk will not be needed to run the game

Service Details :

We will install a Glitch Chip and will install Dashlaunch and Aurora . Your console will boot to Aurora . Note that while most of our installations will Glitch in under 30 seconds , we deem 1 min and under Glitch times acceptable . There are stubborn consoles out there , and we allocate a cetain amount of workshop time to each job . The glitch time is taken as a average over 10 boots 

Please note that we will not answer any questions if it relates to  Piracy and " how do i make game backups " . We have no way of knowing if you have a legal copy of the game . Google will answer all your questions .

When sending your console in for the mod , just send the console with any storage you are going to use , as well as the external drive ( if any ) you want to use to store your backups on - We dont need cables , power bricks or controllers . Note that any harddrive sent in ( internal or external ) will be formatted , so back up any info you want to save 

Winchester motherboard cannot be glitched or modded in any way - To identify :

Winchester identification :

(1) The CGPU is without IHS, and the type is: 4672991 D-A3;X888841-001

(2) SKhynix or ST NAND Samsung K4J10324KG-HC14 NAND flash

(3) The MFR DATE is arround 2014.08.14 + LOT NO./DATE: 1436X

(4) As a ROUGH guide , follow this :

The MFR date will give you a clue on which motherboard model you have.
2013 - 04 to 2014 - 08 = Corona
late 2014 - 08 to 2015 - 01 = Winchester or Corona
2015 - 02+ = Winchester
These dates are approximate. The only way to make 100% sure is by opening your console.
If your console MFR date is 2014-04-26 for example then you know for sure that it's a corona. But anywhere near/past august 2014, open it to make sure.

winchester motherboard


Disclaimer : Xmods, its owners, partners, and associates do not support or condone piracy . Our products are only intended for hobbyists and enthusiasts , for playing legitimate backups ( ie you own a retail copy of the game), for the repair and replacement of defective hardware , to play homebrew software  , Linux development and to enhance gameplay . We shall assume no responsibility, legal or otherwise, for any misuse of our products or for any loss that may occur from distributing, using or selling our products.By using the Xmods site or any of our products you implicitly agree to the above . If you do not agree , or you do not have the technical skills to use our products , or you are not prepared to research and acquire the skills necessary to use / operate / install any item listed on this site , you must not use this website or any of our products. By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you are agreeing NOT to use any product we supply for any illegal purposes, which includes playing commercial software you have not bought a license for (i.e. playing a copied retail game you have not purchased) .No items on this site enables any kind of piracy or have any code that circumvents any kind of protection.You should have an original retail disk for every ISO/Backup you own , and you should destroy the backup / ISO of you no longer own the retail copy .




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