Designers Corona 4GB NAND RW Kit V4

Designers Corona 4GB NAND RW Kit V4

Designers Corona 4GB NAND RW Kit V4

Corona 4GB NAND RW Kit V4

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Corona 4GB NAND RW Kit V4

A simple kit to enable fast read/write of the Corona 4GB NAND.

Simply solder the QSB and connect the SD adapter to your computer.

Fast Read/Write of a Corona 4GB Model NAND (aka Corona v2)
Easy to install QSB adapter - very clean solution
Intergrated Enable/Disable circuit (Enable/Disable switch on the External Micro-SD adapter)
External Micro-SD can be removed and the circuit also disables cleanly
FFC ribbon cable for easy external solution
Micro-SD external adapter with disable switch
Includes free Micro-SD to Full SD Adaper


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