Coolrunner CPU RESET Cleaner

Coolrunner CPU RESET Cleaner

Coolrunner CPU RESET Cleaner

Coolrunner CPU RESET Cleaner - A Glitch Performance Booster

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Coolrunner CPU RESET Cleaner 

One of the main problems for RGH2 users (and some RGH1 too), is the quality of the CPU_RST line. Over the last couple of weeks we have seen some great results on our forums with various methods of combining different capacitors and resistors to give a really nice performance boost (some guys went from not glitching at all to 10 seconds !)

Team Xecuter has designed this very nice addon board which with have simply called the COOLRUNNER CPU RESET CLEANER.

You can easily select resistor Combos of 1K, 2K and 3.3K, and capacitor combos of 470pF, 560pF and 680pF - these are all of the values that gave the very best results.

Can be used on all Xecuter CoolRunners and all other RGH Glitch Boards onboth Phat and Slim version installs. 


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