Xecuter CR4 XL

Xecuter CR4 XL

Xecuter CR4 XL

Xecuter CR4 XL

 - The latest and greatest performance glitch chip from TX

The long awaited CR4 XL is now available

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The CR4 XL has a completely redesigned method of glitching. 4x faster code than previous versions and booting is twice as fast as the fastest glitchers available - yes, including R-JTAG and Slim Proto. Incredibly stable glitching within 3 cycles .  95% of boxes instaboot.

Team Xecuter have also cracked the Corona v6 Winbond 2KB No-Glitch problem - this bad boy crushes it with no effort.

•Final generation of TX x360 mod!
•Completely new method and design!
•5-wire install
•up to 4x faster code than previous versions
•Supports all PHAT Falcon & Jasper
•Supports all SLIM Trinity and Corona v1-6!
•Supports all Corona v including boards with Winbond 2kb memory!
•Supports DemoN & CR_EN
•Supporst J-Runner RATER
•Supports Ring of Light mod
•Supports Kiosk option for Remote power

We recommend you purchase QSB for your install . The CR4 XL code was designed and tuned with the QSB's installed and are highly recommended to ensure a perfect install. They also come with all the necessary connectors for NAND-X, JR-Programmer, USB COMMS Cable, RATER etc

Important Install Notes

 - Corona v3, v4, v5, v6 Require the POSTFIX ADAPTER v2

 - If you are doing a CR4 XL install on Phat consoles you must order the Phat CR4 QSB Kit below , because of the JTAG ALT QSB in the kit - if you don't use the QSB you will be required to use wire and resistors to simulate what the QSB does. QSB's on the Slims are not essential but is recommended for a clean install

 Product support on this product is via the official support channel listed below

External link : Product Support / Resources 



Josh P

Thank you Xmods!

The boot time on this baby brings tears to your eyes,best chip ever

    Henri v


    This is the best TX has ever made. The install required minimal wire installation, tuning is easy, and it performs like no other! Would not recommend anything else!