Team Xecuter SX OS License for the Nintendo Switch

Team Xecuter SX OS License for the Nintendo Switch

Team Xecuter SX OS License for the Nintendo Switch

SX OS is the revolutionary Custom Firmware for Nintendo Switch.
This is the license key required for the SX OS    

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 Team Xecuter Switch SX OS 

This is the basic package meant for advanced users . It is the license key required to use the SX OS 

Dowloads are manuals are available here

* Works On (Almost) Every Switch

SX OS currently Works with every Nintendo Switch console released before June 2018 out there ( This will change so visit the link below to check compatability ) . On every firmware version! If in doubt, please check here if your switch is compatible

* Play All Games!

With SX OS you can play all your favorite games straight off of the microSD card inserted into your Nintendo Switch

* Homebrew Games & Apps

Using SX OS homebrew menu launcher you can enjoy all the quality games and software by independent developers

* Continued Support

Team Xecuter is actively working to bring more exciting functionality to SX OS. Customers are eligible for free lifetime support and updates.

* Backwards Compatible

Using the SX OS Launcher you can easily boot into the normal Nintendo Switch firmware to enjoy your original games.

Xecuter SX OS software license key sent to you via Email
Requires tools to be installed on your Nintendo Switch
Compatible with all regions.
Compatible with all firmwares.
Real time game switching.
More features to be announced soon ...

External Link : Manufacturers Homepage

External Link : Product Information Page

External Link : Product Support 

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