R4I-SDHC RTS Flash Card Red for NDSL/DSi/DSi xl/ 3DS

R4I-SDHC RTS Flash Card Red for NDSL/DSi/DSi xl/ 3DS

R4I-SDHC RTS Flash Card Red for NDSL/DSi/DSi xl/ 3DS

R4I-SDHC RTS Flash Card Red for NDSL/DSi/DSi xl/ 3DS 

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R4I-SDHC RTS Flash Card Red for NDSL/DSi/DSi xl/ 3DS 

R4i-SDHC 3DS RTS card is a great flashcard released by official R4-SDHC team(R4i-sdhc.com), it is a great R4i card for your nintendo 3DS, this card can support 3DS V8.1.0-19 and DSi 1.45 out of box. The card eable you to enjoy the Real-time save features, real-time guide features and user-cheat features

RTS Functionality:
- Real-time save features.
Allows user save current game state at any time of the game. Player can immediately continue the game state by reload the save file after the game failed or shut down the console. R4i-SDHC launches unique sharing features where RTS save files can be share between the users.

- Real-time guide features
Real-time guide features allows user to read hints/guide of the games immediately without exit to the game. Real-time guide support 2 types of format (text and picture). User can write guide into any "txt" file or "bmp" file. The size of the "bmp" file should be "256x192". The "txt" file support English, Simplify Chinese and Japanese language coding. If both "txt" and "bmp" file exist, "bmp" guide file will have a priority.

- User-cheat features
Enhance the features of user cheat. User allow to activate/deactivate/modify user cheat at any point of the game. To do these changes, user need to save the state of the game then return to the MENU to configure the user cheat. After that just need to run the game and reload the RTS save file again.

R4i-SDHC 3DS RTS Flashcart Official Features:
- Real-time save features.
- Real-time guide features
- User-cheat features
- Working great on the latest 3DS and DSi firmware.
- Users just one click away from playable games download.
- WIFI search engine function
- Download our website's NDS games quickly and easily.
- Soft reset.
- Sleep mode function, for power saving and longer standby time.
- Multi-languages are optional.
- Friendly interface, easy to operate.
- Realtime smart help windows.
- Integrated the latest Moonshell 2.0 Beta version.
- 100% game compatibility.
- Support SDHC.
- Support moonshell and homebrew.
- Power saving design. Enter optimized mode automatically.
- Double screen UI.
- Easy to use, setting or adjustment is not required.
- Support Wi-Fi, rumble pack and browser expansion.
- UI background can be changed.
- 4-level brightness adjustment.
- Support soft reset.
- Support AR cheat code.
- Support soft-reset of moonshell 2.0.
- DLDI auto-patching.
- Support Download play.

Official Website: http://www.r4i-sdhc.com/

Package Content:
1 x R4i-SDHC 3DS RTS Card
1 x USB MicroSD Apdater

1* R4I-SDHC RTS Flash Card Red for NDSL/DSi/DSixl/3DS (Small Packing)


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